Inside | Out


“Inside Out” was written to introduce myself and to share my personal story with you. Somehow I intend to build a connection through mutual experiences and situations.  As a young girl, I went to church with my grandma, and sung in the children’s choir.  Church is a huge part of my roots, and I still have strong beliefs.

            For this new record, I approached Lock and Key Entertainment and with my record label Invitation Records, both these teams have assisted me in creating, developing, and releasing this entire project.  Listening and understanding my personal story, we decided on creating an album that would reflect and represent the different experiences I encountered during one phase of my life.  The end result was to create a trilogy (signifying the father, son, and holy spirit), consisting of three albums and Inside Out” is the first of three.  The brief acapella’s of the spiritual songs are to reflect both my roots, but also prayers I made that lead me to, or got me through each experience I wrote about.



This song was written to express the darkness, hopelessness and pain of losing someone dear to you to depression.  You can be alive and still not be living.  Depression can take everything.

 “Shot in the Dark”

This is the emotional sequel to Mama.  It is specifically written in a way that can be interpreted several ways depending on the listener, but the real story is to reflect the contemplation of suicide.  I think many individuals consider it at some point in their lives.  Depression doesn’t choose its victims.  Everyone has the potential to develop it; always reach out for help or support.

“Daddy’s Girl”

My dad is a very traditional Italian man that is very reserved about his feelings.  He was always a mystery to me as a kid, so it wasn’t until I was a teen that I started to understand his silence.  Shortly after my high school graduation, my dad got a heart attack and needed an immediate quadruple-bypass surgery.  That was when my dad and I finally bonded and developed a father-daughter relationship I never even knew I needed. I’ve since been a “daddy’s girl” and came up with this song.


This is a fun song to help people laugh at the chaos of immature relationships.  They seldom go anywhere, and usually just take you through a whirlwind of emotions to the point that you think you’re loosing your mind.  Oh the drama!

“Big Mouth”

I wrote this song to showcase my slightly more sassy side.  I’ve faced a lot of resistance in the face of adversity, and I hated it.  Couldn’t stand the narrow minds, and judgments without foundation.  I learned to develop my attitude and assertiveness.  I’ve stood my grounds and proved my points.  I’ve flexed my words and put my points across.  No time to waste putting up with condescending attitudes and behaviours.

“Best Of Me”

I wrote this song after having to make a serious decision about parting ways with someone I grew up with.  I felt like I had outgrown him.  I wanted to evolve, and become an improved person while he just enjoyed being like a hamster on a wheel.  We were both unhappy and neither of us wanted to put the energy into changing the situation.  Writing this song gave me the courage to set things straight.  I’ve set him and myself free by bringing “the elephant in the room” to light.  We are now both leading happy lives, and have managed to remain friends.

This project allowed me to truly call myself an artist.  I have been able to express myself through the music, photos, videos, and fashion, allowing me to showcase “the little world of Rosie”.  I’m excited to perform my songs for you on tour and meet you all at the shows!

Foremost, this project wouldn’t be what it is without the support of my record label Invitation Records (Iman Foroutan, and Russ Regan), the team I work with: Howard Pinkas & Kristina Rogic of Lock & Key Entertainment, Collin Sylex, Adam Cavaluzi, Rob Kowal, Marybelle Frappier, Stefano Galante, Mello MTL, Marisa Parisella, Samsara Brown, my coaches (Tamara Vickerd, Ian Lebofsky), my family, friends, my dearest fans and my social media followers.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you my dearest rose petals.

With love,

December Rose