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December Rose's


Comfy sessions with Rosie as she shares the inside of the music business, artist truths that no one really talks about, health tips, and occasional rants.

  • “Love is a Commitment. Love is a Decision. Love is a Choice.”

    In my 27 years of life, I never found myself questioning the definition of love until a few months ago.  We all have an idea of what it looks like, what it might feel like, an...

  • The Story Behind “When We Were Young”

    When I posted the song title of my new single “When We Were Young”, some people joked “but we are still young, what could you have to say about it?”  Truth is, I was r...

  • Welcome!

    Hi! If you’re reading this, welcome to my blog. If you’re someone with a lot of emotional baggage looking for helpful or relatable articles, or someone looking for knowledge...

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