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If you’re reading this, welcome to my blog. If you’re someone with a lot of emotional baggage looking for helpful or relatable articles, or someone looking for knowledge, advice, insider scoops on the music biz, or someone interested in health tips and overcoming health issues, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Rosie. Actually, that’s just my nickname. My full Italian birth name is Rosamaria La Posta. I was born in December, that’s why my artist name is December Rose. My mom came up with it. Two for two! I’ve always been the odd one out—too artsy for the business world, and too business-like for the artsy people. That’s ok though, I like the balance I have.

I got involved in music at a pretty young age (roughly 9 years old). Got into the “music business” side of things around 16 years old. It’s been a long, very rough, frustrating road, but because I have basically the coolest job ever, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I’ve met and worked with some extraordinary people, experienced some of the most growth triggering things, been pushed to extremes I didn’t know I could conquer, and been able to do things I thought were only possible in my dreams. I still feel I’m a long way from achieving my dreams, but I’m a hell of a lot closer that I was even a few months ago.

Because part of being in music for me involves coaching and teaching others, it’s my moral responsibility to be transparent about my process and journey. I’m trying to lead an honest career on an honest road that brings me joy. The honest road may be longer, but it will be more rewarding. I’m trying to enjoy the scenic route. This is stuff you will definitely be able to read about in my blog posts! As a sensitive artist, I feel so many things all the time and need to get my thoughts out, so my posts will be about soooo many different life things!

I got very unwell at one point in my life. With no medical answers and solutions, I sought alternative medicine help. Recovery was slow, but that triggered my need to study and graduate in Naturopathy (after my music studies) so I could learn to understand my body, symptoms, and how to take care of myself. Our bodies speak to us all the time, we just need to be more attentive to it.

Starting up this blog is for me to share all the truth and ugly (I wish more people would talk about) with people that need some encouragement, some light, or to just not feel alone in their experiences. Hopefully I can be of help, and would love to hear from you with subjects you want me to address, or share on. Enjoy!


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